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Water is

What trickles from the tops of mountains flows through the hills of our community, eventually making its way to the sea.  Everyone lives downstream. Water is our undeniable connection. We bear witness to a climate that is changing in unpredictable ways: sea level rise, shore erosion, severe flooding, extended droughts, and more. At Sustainable Midlands, we are champions of our water and hope that you'll join us, too. Scroll down for helpful water resources.

Aerial View of River


Rocky branch
Smith branch watersheds

Sustainable Midlands has created two watershed alliances since our inception. Learn more about these watersheds, where they flow, and how to get involved. 


10 at-home steps for
healthy watersheds:

  1. Conserve water every day. Take shorter showers, fix leaks, turn off the water when not in use. 

  2. Don’t pour toxic household chemicals down the drain! Take them to a hazardous waste center.

  3. Use hardy plants that require little or no watering, fertilizers or pesticides in your yard.

  4. Use grey water as much as possible.

  5. Recycle yard waste in a compost pile & use a mulching mower.

  6. Use surfaces like wood, brick or gravel for decks & walkways; allows rain to soak in & not run off.

  7. Never pour used oil or antifreeze into the storm drain or the street.

  8. Pick up after your dog and dispose of the waste in the toilet or the trash.

  9. Walk, bike, and carpool when possible. Many pollutants in our waters come from car exhaust and car leaks.

  10. Get Involved and Stay Vigilant! Consider adopting a stream, volunteering, or becoming a part of your local watershed alliance. Vote for candidates that believe in water stewardship and stay informed about spills, leaks, and more hazards that affect our waterways.

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