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smith and Rocky branch

Since Sustainable Midlands was created in 2010, water has been a key piece of our mission and what we care about.  If our waterways are not healthy, neither are we. Both Smith and Rocky Branch Watersheds need our attention in order to fulfill our goal of healthy water for all throughout our communities.

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Smith Branch

The Smith Branch Watershed is mainly located within the City of Columbia and flows into the Broad River. Primary areas located within Smith Branch include Prisma Health Richland Campus, DHEC, Benedict College, Lutheran Theological Seminary, and more.  This watershed is highly impervious, which means that it does not allow for fluid to pass through easily. This quality combined with minimal stormwater controls and conveyances of inadequate size are the perfect storm for frequent flooding conditions. To learn more about the restoration plan for Smith Branch, read through the McCormick Taylor study that was conducted in 2016 and prepared for the City of Columbia.

RockY branch

The Rocky Branch Watershed is primarily located within the City of Columbia and flows into the Congaree River. Major landmarks located within Rocky Branch include the UofSC campus, State Fairgrounds, Five Points District, Olympia Mill District, and more. Much like Smith Branch, conveyances are undersized in this area and do not allow for adequate transfer of fluid.  This combined with the land's highly impervious nature and stormwater efforts that are lacking can be contributed to frequent flooding seen in this area. Read more about the McCormick Taylor study conducted in 2016 prepared for the City of Columbia.

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