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Food connects us.

Food tells the story of who we are.  It connects us around the dinner table and across the country. In South Carolina, it is our Number One industry, accounting for 246,957 jobs and $46.2 billion in annual economic impact. Nevertheless, heart disease, obesity, and Type II diabetes are on the rise. Food that was once seasonal or even unavailable in certain regions now seems to be at arm's reach seven days a week. How can this be? Scroll through to learn more about how food holds the key to our future. 



Sustainable Midland's

Tasty Tomato Festival

For the past 10 years, our Tasty Tomato Festival has brought together our farmers and communities through an unmatched celebration of food, fellowship, and culture. Be sure to celebrate with us for Tasty Tomato Festival '22. Stay tuned for more information coming soon. 

Interested in sponsoring Tasty Tomato Festival '22? Contact us at

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