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Seeking Site Locations for Sustainable Yard Tour

We're planning the first-ever Sustainable Yard Tour on Sunday, April 3rd, 2022 in Columbia, SC in coordination with Climate Ready Columbia and Columbia Green. The tour will be free to the general public and feature a variety of backyards, homesteads, businesses, and beyond.

From backyard chickens and raised beds, to rain barrels, composting, solar, and more, the Sustainable Yard Tour will showcase a slew of sustainable practices from real-life residences for the general public to tour, learn more about, and be connected with resources that will serve to motivate and inspire more sustainable living.

Interested in becoming a tour site location? Know someone else who would make the perfect candidate? NOMINATE THEM!

That's right! Use this form to nominate yourself as a potential site location for the Sustainable Yard Tour by 1/28.

Interested in becoming a sponsor, volunteering, or participating in any way? Email us at for more.

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