Let your voice be heard on funding public transit!


On March 14th at 5PM Richland County County will meet to decide whether to put the transit funding question on the ballot in the November election.  Two years ago the measure lost by a very slim margin.  With gas prices climbing more and more people will look to public transit as an affordable option to get to work.  With the population aging in the coming decade more and more will NEED public transit.

Write or call ALL County Council Members before their work session on Wednesday, March 14th.




Damon Jeter              djeter@rcgov.us         331-3559

Bill Malinowski   malinowskib@rcgov.us  932-7919

Jim Manning     manningjim@rcgov.us     787-2896

Paul Livingston         livingstonp@rcgov.us          765-1192

Norman Jackson        jacksonn@rcgov.us           223-4974

Greg Pearce   gpearce@rcgov.us        783-8792

Joyce Dickerson        jdickerson@rcgov.us        750-0154

Gwendolyn Kennedy  kennedyg@rcgov.us    240-4572

Seth Rose            sethrose@rcgov.us      779-0100

Kelvin Washington     washingtonk@rcgov.us   404-1530

Val Hutchinson   hutchv@rcgov.us          462-1373